High-purity. On demand.

The AmOx OxyPur System supplies pure oxygen, wherever and whenever you need it.

Our Technology

Using an ionic ceramic conductive membrane, the AmOx OxyPur System extracts oxygen from the ambient air.

How can AmOx provide extremely pure oxygen with unparalleled convenience? The secret is in our technology: a revolutionary new method for extracting oxygen from the air.

High Purity

OxyPur can generate oxygen anywhere from standard industrial grade (99.6%) up to and above ultra-pure 6N (99.9999%), reliably and with virtually no maintenance.

Custom-Built For You

Each unit is assembled according to the customer's requirements for oxygen purity, flow rate, and delivery pressure.

Substantial Savings

Our on-site oxygen generation system is hassle-free and is provided at a significantly lower cost.

Oxygen harvested from the atmosphere at the atomic level.

Our atmosphere is composed primarily of Nitrogen (78%), Oxygen (21%), and Argon (1%). The atmosphere is virtually an endless source of free oxygen. Using a specialized non-porous ceramic membrane, OxyPur's electrochemical process selectively converts gaseous molecular oxygen into atoms of ionized oxygen that are immediately drawn into the front-side of a solid ceramic crystal that can only accept oxygen ions. A small applied DC voltage (smaller than 1 volt) forces oxygen ions to migrate through the ceramic crystal by hopping from one "atomic hole" to another by a means similar to electrical conduction in a semi-conductor until the oxygen ions emerge on the back-side of the ceramic membrane and are immediately converted back into gaseous molecular oxygen. The resulting transport of oxygen is a new solid state technology that requires no moving parts which means OxyPur has very high reliability and is very low maintenance.

Another amazing feature of this technology is the ability to compress oxygen without the use of a dangerous mechanical oxygen compressor. Instead, the electric "force" applied to the electrochemical cell forces oxygen to migrate efficiently through the ceramic membrane. An applied DC voltage as small as 0.12 volts will produce an oxygen pressure of almost 3,400 psig.

The result: A steady supply of pure oxygen.

A small circulation fan sweeps air through the OxyPur "oxygen engine" to enable pure oxygen to be extracted continually from ambient air. Once installed, it operates quietly in the background producing a continuous supply of oxygen for your needs. When not in use, oxygen is compressed into an external pressurized storage tank for later use.

OxyPur constantly tops off the storage tank and assures an ample supply of oxygen is always available on demand. Never worry about your supply running dry again.

Advantages of the AmOx OxyPur System

With our innovative technology, you'll enjoy the benefits of having a reliable source of oxygen in the comfort of your own facility.

On-Site Generation

Produce oxygen at the facility itself, and avoid cylinder management problems or supply-chain issues outside your control.

Up to 99.9999% Purity

Whether your usage case requires ultra-pure 99.9999% oxygen or just 99.6% oxygen suitable for many industrial uses, OxyPur can deliver.

Individually Designed

Each OxyPur unit is assembled specifically according to the needs of the individual usage case.


OxyPur is a solid state device with only one moving part - a small circulation fan. That means it runs virtually maintenance-free.


OxyPur is a low-power system and runs on a standard 110-volt wall outlet.

Save Money

By eliminating all shipping, handling, and logistical costs, OxyPur will bring significant savings to your bottom line.


Meet the people who make American Oxygen a reality.

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